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Season Preview by Dunc, 6th Aug 2014

The sun’s out – but there’s a threat of wind and rain around the corner. Must be the start of a Downs League season…

The first batch of fixtures have been released (see the fixtures page) – anyone fancy starting the season with a Saturday-Tuesday combo? Against the teams that finished first and third last season? That’ll be the first team then. What’s worse is that this comes only days after facing the mighty Hounds Reserves team. Tough life, being a first teamer…

The reserves start the season with some standard Saturday games in Division 3, following relegation last season. The less said about that, the better – onwards and upwards this season – including the joy of being back in the All Saints Cup.

What a shit preview.

Anyway, the biggest question of the season will be: just how retired are Jeeves and Kanaris…?

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