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Shite. Reserves in Relegation Dogfight by Dunc, 7th Apr 2014

Six games left to play and the Reserve team is fighting to stay in Division 2…

Corinthians are basically relegated – they were a bit naughty at the start of the season and had a billion points deducted, so sit on minus one billion (plus 17), making them bottom of the table.

At the time of writing, the Reserves are 7 points behind Ashley Reserves – and we have to play them twice. If we could nab those 6 points…

Let’s look at the run-in:

Reserves – Ashley Reserves, Lion FC, Easton Cowboys, Saints Old Boys Reserves, Ashley Reserves, Tebby AFC.

Ashley Reserves – Hounds Reserves, Old Cliftonians, Torpedo Reserves, Hare on the Hill, Hounds Reserves, Sneyd Park Reserves.

I’ve had a look at the run-in and I’m none the wiser. However, Ashley have to play 3 of the top 4 teams and should, by rights, lose some games. We, basically, have to win all our games. COYHR!

ETA – if it makes anyone feel any better, Saints Old Boys Reserves and St Andrews don’t have easy run-ins either and should lose some games too. We still have to win the majority of our games though. HTH.

Dunc. Pundit of the century.

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