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Hounds FC 3 - 3 Saints Old Boys FC | Relegation Dogfight UPDATE by Dunc, 19th Apr 2014

Mr Fixture Secretary person had us down to play both Saints teams today – with the aggregate scores even.

Hounds Reserves 3 – 1 Saints Old Boys Reserves

Ah, a bank holiday weekend (Easter in fact!) with a game or two of footy to play – meaning we had no players available. The semi-retired and baby-bound were coaxed out from the comfort blanket of playing golf and changing nappies, to lend a hand.

On a personal note, this was my first game in almost 2 and a half years – following only having played 4 games of 5-a-side recently. “No more than 45 minutes – preferably sub please” was my pathetic request to the powers-that-be. Starting (and finishing) the game was the response. If my physio found out, she would probably string me up.

Sorry about that – the idea of being strung up by my physio is quite a compelling thought…

The game got underway 4 hours late, due to Mr Referee-looking-for-a-direct-promotion-to-the-premiership insisting everything was just so – including Ticko wearing a captain’s armband (or some tape) in order that Mr Referee-looking-for-a-direct-promotion-to-the-premiership could instantly recognise him at any given instant. Mr Referee-looking-for-a-direct-promotion-to-the-premiership even stopped the game for another hour whilst he gave Lee a lesson in how to run the line. It’s the Downs League – if you ever manage to find someone that is a) happy to run the line and 2) knows how to run line, they will invariably be caught up smoking a fag/drinking a Strongbow/chatting to their missus, let alone keep an eye on what is going on.*

As per usual, as soon as the game was underway, I have no idea what happened. Mostly because 98% of my attention was on looking after my knee, 1% was on not throwing up in the first 10 minutes and the other 1% was on remembering everyone’s name. The game didn’t really get a look-in.

The first half

Charlie in goal got a booking for doing a swear – Mr Referee-looking-for-a-direct-promotion-to-the-premiership took just over 40 minutes to deliver the lecture.

Charlie in goal also did an excellent save from a shot by a Saints fellow.

A Saints fellow scored a header from a free-kick after absolutely nobody from the Reserves team heeded my helpful advice to “watch the runners”.

We missed a penalty. Well, when I say “we”, I mean Toni. Even though I just naturally assumed it was Dan who took it. It might have been Dan. Or Toni. Whoever it was hit the post.

Um, that’s mostly it I think.

The second half

Those of a mathematical persuasion my have realised by now that we scored three goals. In no particular order, there was a penalty from Dan, a screamer from Toni and a header from Dan from a yard out – that he didn’t see coming.

The Saints lot were mostly reduced to pot-shots from outside the box.

Except the one time Charlie in goal had a rush of blood to the head and ended up on the halfway line tackling the ball into touch. If he hadn’t got the ball, Mr Referee-looking-for-a-direct-promotion-to-the-premiership would have taken 6 hours to dish out a total of 4 red cards, all for Charlie.

Rocco (playing as a spectator) was convinced to run the line for 30 minutes.

The end.

* In fairness to Mr Referee-looking-for-a-direct-promotion-to-the-premiership, his refereeing of the game was very, very good – he even used his yellow card!

Hounds Reserves Man of the Match of the Weekend…


Hounds 0 – 2 Saints Old Boys

Saints first team are a bit of a bogey team for us, their ‘blend’ of giants mixed with giant-giants always causing us problems. j_DAN rocked up with the intention of being the lino for the whole match, but had to actually play for the last half an hour! Ha ha! He loved it. No idea what else happened.

Relegation Dogfight UPDATE

So, two games left to play – against Ashley Reserves and Tebby AFC. Two points above Ashley, who have three games to play – against Hare on the Hill, Hounds Reserves and Sneyd Park Reserves.

It goes without saying – we NEED to beat Ashley. If we do that, I think Ashley will lose against Sneyd Park Reserves (battling to top the league) and we should be safe…

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