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The start of the season! A win | And a loss by Dunc, 3rd Sep 2011

We’re back… And the Reserves go top (-ish) of the table after beating last season’s Division 2 champions, Sneyd Park Reserves. The Firsts lost though, mostly due to Parro.

Sneyd Park Reserves 1 – 3 Hounds Reserves

I turned up late. Just before half-time to be precise – but just in time to see Toni score a goal. Apparently, that was his second! And Alvan scored too. During the half-time chinwag, n_MAN looked like he did some vomit in his mouth, such were his fitness levels. But then after half-time nothing happened – except Sneyd scored, so it was all a bit boring really. The only points of note were Toni having to come off, due to being unable to breathe and similarly Rocco came on for a 12 minute spell during which he actually nearly died.

I don’t think that’s right – I have some photos of Toni celebrating something (possibly scoring a goal) that I took when he was facing the other way to which he was facing in the first half. I’m led to believe that this means he was playing the second half of the game. So he scored his second goal in the second half. And his first in the first. In other photo-based news, it looks very much like n_MAN scored Sneyd’s goal for them. Generous fellow…

Hounds Reserves Man of the Match of the First Game of the Season…

Toni! What an awesome start to a new season of accurate game reporting by me. It was Alvan!

Cotswool 3 – 1 Hounds

New signing Parro scored! And he missed a penalty and hit the crossbar. Twice. Send him back.

Dunc’s Quote of the Week…

“There’s Jeeves, showing his experience – an old head on a young boy’s shoulders. And legs.” j_DAN, 2011

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