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Lyons tames Lion | McMahon at wedding - Hounds win by Dunc, 10th Sep 2011

Two wins for Sporting Greyhound today – with the Reserves staying top (-ish)! That there Jeevo was so excited that he’s straight in there with this week’s guest match report for the Reserves…

Hounds 4 – 1 Evergreen

Little scored 2, Parro got 1 and Mr OG helped out with a leg-bye. Or something. Fordy won Man of the Match – defenders have been MOTM in all of the Firsts’ games so far this season!

Hounds Reserves 2 – 0 Lion FC

Having obtained a pass to play despite the in-laws visiting Bristol for the first time since 2003, I was in good spirits ahead of the TM Lion match.

TM Lion? Any ideas what the TM stands for? _ Answers on a postcard please _[Oops. Sorry, I’ve ruined that a bit…], anyway I digress. [Anyway, I thought they were just called Lion FC now? You’re so 2007 Jeeves…]

Having hit ‘40’ last year (Dunc is still older than me though) and retreated into the full back role, I was looking forward to another relaxing day. For those of you who have seen me play full back you will note that I have a different style to newbie Jamie. Rather than completing a record 18 overlapping runs in a game, I may reach 18 a season, and I believe in carrying deep heat, freeze spray and water in my kit bag rather than Vidal Sassoon Highlight Intensifier and 4 cans of Strongbow.

Anyway my good mood was ruined when I paid the ref and realised from past experiences we would be suffering plenty of bad decisions, being booked for wanting to speak to him and not being booked for dangerous tackles. Not only that but Baron von Ridlengaarden had asked me to play in midfield – at my age that’s a big ask.

Well we started the match with 3 debutants on the pitch, Joe le Goalie, Hibbo and very tall Tim (do we have any official stats on his actual height? – McMahon @OptaHound please get on the case). All were excellent throughout the game and MOTM could have gone to any of them.

The first half saw us start well and dominate possession and territory with Luke and Westy both going close. The main talking point was when Hibbo broke through into the box after a neat one-two, he was dragged down from behind but nothing was given. Everyone looked round for the ref wondering how he could have missed such a blatant penalty, the answer was clear when in the distance he was still getting his breath back in the centre circle. After surviving a couple of scares at corners, we took the lead through a toe poke from the edge of the box by Alvan. Following the invention of finger and wrist strengtheners, Alvan has developed his own invention, the Toe-nerâ„¢, which gives the user the ability to toe poke a football as if he was wearing steel toecaps. He will be appearing on Dragon’s Den later this year and will use this video evidence in his pitch. Good luck Alv.

1-0 at half-time.

The Lions had what benefit there was of the cross-wind in the second half and they adopted more of a long ball game playing 3 (sometimes 4) up front. Fortunately for us very tall Tim and Gerro dealt with the long balls with aplomb. The second half turned into more of a battle with Joe making some excellent saves and Hibbo excellent in the middle of the park.

Chances were harder to come by, however the introduction of Lyons caused Lion some problems – see what I did there…

Anyway, after going close with a left foot drive, he put the game beyond doubt with a finish from close range after a great run from Hibbo down the right. Hibbo got tripped in the box and could have gone down, however it was too big a risk to take after the incident in the first half. He continued to the byline and drilled a low cross into the six yard box and Lyononono made no mistake.

An excellent result against a team that were playing Div 1 football last season.

Jeeves isn’t @OptaHound but will still do a Stat of the Match…

13 – number of times Westy was caught offside.

Reserves Man of the Match of the Week…

Joe le Goalie (6 votes)

Jeeves’ Quote of the Day…

“He is a very tall man.” Mark Lyons, 2011 (stating the obvious about very tall Tim).

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