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Congratulations... by Dunc, 7th Sep 2011

In an unusual turn of events, I shall give 2 players honourable mentions – only because it also opens up an opportunity to take the piss.


On Saturday, Andy Williams played his 150th game for the club. Excellent stuff. And also the only player (surely) in the history of the Hounds to play quite so many games without scoring a goal… I’m sure he will allegedly say he scored in 2005/06, but it was so long ago that all paper records have been destroyed and no-one believes him.


In a similar vein, Luke Redbond played his 50th game for the Hounds on Tuesday. This marks an end to a fine school year for young Luke, who was also awarded 11 GCSEs this summer. For those that are interested, Luke received 5 As (English, Science, PE, RE, IT); 4 Bs (Maths, French, Business Studies) and 2 Cs (History, Geography). At the tender age of 1634, Luke is said to be delighted. And here he is, celebrating with some of his chums:


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