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Reserves make it to the quarter finals | Saints keep marching over the Hounds by Dunc, 12th Feb 2011

The Reserves progress to the quarter finals of the All Saints Cup, whilst the Saints Old Boys curse continues to plague the Hounds…

Hounds 1 – 2 Saints Old Boys

Ray dropped out early doors, after doing himself a mischief during the warm up. Apparently he was trying to prove that he was one of the fastest sprinters in the Hounds – I imagine he got smoked and had to feign injury in order to try and save face. Shame.

Steve Poole did everything – got MOTM, scored, won the sweepstake thing and probably washed the kit too.

Hounds Reserves 1 – 0 Jersey Rangers

I will have to start this by saying I have NEVER ached so much after a game – the Rangers lot weren’t just young and whipper-snapper-y, but they seemed to enjoy running around virtually non-stop. Frankly, and I apologise for being so blunt; I was fucked. [Has this site been banned from anyone’s work yet? The number of swears has crept up this season…! Not as bad as the Sweary Ranger from Saturday though – even when the ref told him off for swearing, he came back with more swears. Bad Sweary Ranger man. And he didn’t get a yellow card for it. I did. Get a yellow card. But not for swears.]

Onto the game, Ridlengaarden (manager, captain and dog turd clearer) started a 20 minute monologue with the comical “This game doesn’t need a team-talk…” – it brought back tearful memories of any number of Sturge team-talks. Tears of laughter, obv. I think Jersey won the toss and elected to start with the wind at their backs, probably looking to get an early lead and to force us to chase the game. Thankfully, the “training” game last week, in even worse conditions, had steeled us for a first half defence session. Mike was kept busy keeping the Ranging Jerseys out of the area and the wind certainly helped by making the majority of their passes run on too much. Their tricky wingers kept us on our toes – mostly because of the whole identical twin problem; partly because one of them was an ex-Hound; and a lot because they were both rather good. Their lefty-winger-one beat me and Jeeves, so I took it upon myself to haul him down before he could enter the box. Fortunately, the ref saw that I was only a matter of feet away from connecting with the ball and took pity on me. He did, however, give me a yellow card for my shocking haircut. Honestly, he said just that.

One of our few chances in their half saw Fordy head over the bar after finding himself unmarked at a corner. And I think that was mostly that – stopping Jersey scoring certainly knocked the wind out of their sails and we would have the wind with us in the second half!

It’s taken me a while to write this up, so you should guess by now that the second half is pretty hazy… Jersey certainly had plenty of the ball and one long range effort called for Mike to just get fingertips to the ball to stop it creeping under the crossbar. However, we had more clear cut chances – Dan could definitely have scored a hat-trick. Another free header from a corner saw the ball graze the crossbar, whilst a pass onto his left foot saw him dither – shall I shoot with my left? Shall I cut back? Shall I shoot? Shall I…. In the end, Dan passed it past the keeper and onwards passed past pasta pastor just the wrong side of the far post…

75 minutes gone, I was NOT looking forward to extra time. Thankfully, Tim realised this and took a quick throw-in to Dan. The Jersanger defence went to sleep, the goalie couldn’t make up his mind what to do, leaving Dan to poke a stud towards the ball and loop/slice/fluke the ball into the top corner of the goal. He will obviously see this differently, talking up his “poacher’s instinct” or something – only bettered by my innate ability to walk into a good hairdresser’s.

The Jangers were kept at bay by some more resolute Hounds defending – meaning we now play Sneyd Park A in the quarter finals! Get in!

Fordy won a unanimous MOTM (although Jeeves may have stolen a now customary pity vote – as Jimmy expertly pointed out) – mostly because he won literally every header in midfield. He probably did some other football stuff too.

Dunc’s Quote of the Week…

“Enjoy your cup run because you WON’T be winning the league and I prey [sic] not the cup (come on Beech) as you DO NOT DESERVE to be in the next round!” Jersey Rangers on BBC 606, quoted just for, you know, posterity and stuff, 2011…

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