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Reserves keep a clean sheet! | Torpedo come from behind to beat Hounds by Dunc, 26th Feb 2011

A clean sheet is a rare and wondrous thing in the Reserves – and should therefore be celebrated. Hooray! There you go. The firsts’ “month of hell”, in which they have to play each of the top 5 teams in the league, started hellishly. Hence the month of hell thing.

Sneyd Park A 0 – 3 Hounds Resrves

a) We’re playing this lot in the cup in a couple of weeks, so there was an added smidge of interest to this game. 2) With Jersey having their game called off, a win would propel us back to the top of the league, so something to play for. c) We rocked up to the pitch and realised it was the same pitch on which Beachcroft had stuffed us. You see? How stressful it is playing football on the Downs? We deserve medals or something!

We had a rest last week, so playing again was fun – except for Gerro, who had obviously forgotten about the hidden dangers of a wet Downs league pitch. Sneyd attacked, Gerro slipped and their striker man was clean through on goal. Mike dived the correct way but got nowhere near the ball – mostly because the Sneydist had shot wide! A stroke of luck for us – it was obviously too early in the game for their striker to find his bearings. After that, a fairly even first half was only punctuated by Fordy chatting up the ref at any available opportunity, just to let the ref know that he was a jolly nice fellow and not a nasty brute (there may have been a clash of opinions in a previous encounter). Oh and Dan scored. Don’t remember how, I was miles away at the time. 0 – 1 at half-time.

The second half meandered by, with the Reserves riding the wave of luck with aplomb – Sneyd had their chances, but by now Mike was in imperious (and MOTM worthy) goal-keeping form. Fordy scored with a header, at the end of a run of 17 straight corners. Later, Tim managed for the first time in the match to a) find a decent first touch without falling over, 2) beat a man without falling over and c) chip the goalie leaving Fordy with a simple header into an empty net.

The Reserves’ new-found ability to get on referees’ nerves was kept up by j_DAN – this time he picked up the ball and moved it on a Sneyd free kick – apparently this is a straight red card offence! Thankfully, with only 16 seconds left on the clock, the referee clearly realised it would take him ages to: get his reading glasses out, get his pencil out (not a euphamism!), get his little book out (not a euphamism!), wet the end of his pencil (not! etc), shakily write down “j_DAN”, raise the red card above head-height, put his pencil away (etc), put his book away, put his glasses back, check watch, locate whistle, restart game, etc… Jim escaped a 3 year ban and a £14,000 fine by the skin of his teeth… The ref clearly played on for 32 seconds though, so I suggest we report him for that, and make him go on a date with Fordy as punishment.

Torpedo 2 – 1 Hounds

The Hounds were dealt an early blow, with Cheqs failing a pre-match fitness sobriety test. In fairness, he also failed an attendance test, obviously due to the inebriation. And a total lack of sleep. We took the lead though, before Torpedo drew level before half-time. The mathematicians amongst you will by now have realised that Torpedo scored again in the second half… Matt “Little” Little scored our goal (again!) Howey took the MOTM award.

Dunc’s Quote of the Week…

“HA HA!” Everyone on the pitch, after Tim trod on the ball and went down like a sack o’ spuds, 2011.

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