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Reserves beaten by Wellies | Hounds embark on another GFA Cup adventure! by Dunc, 2nd Oct 2010

A GFA Cup victory for the firsts and a cruel end to a fine game for the reserves…

Wellington Wanderers 2 – 1 Hounds Reserves

Another game, another long wait for the kit to turn up. Gerro’s fault this time – a hideous 25 minutes late with a mildly damp kit – loads worse than my effort last week (for the record: 20 minutes late, dry but crumpled (the kit, not me)). The only reasonable punishment for this heinous crime is a public flogging – I’ll see if I can fashion a whip from a length of washing line and a variety of large fish hooks and bolts.

The changing room also revealed our star guest for this week – another K. Dan K’s brother turned up for a run around (let’s call him Dave K – because that’s his name) AND *shock horror*, he did actually run around. Unlike his brother. There were actually some other K family pitchside, expecting an afternoon of glorious football in the glorious sunshine, cheering on the brothers K and enjoying an ice cream. What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon?

For 89 minutes, it was going to plan – a good, honest, hard fought game of football (with sunshine, etc etc). Then, for some reason, Ridlengaarden went all “Finney on the wing” and gave the ball away whilst the rest of us were loitering in the opposition half, resulting in the Wellies scoring an undeserved winner. Thankfully, Mr K Snr had his trusty 1930s moving picture device trained on Finneygaarden and captured this outstanding footage:

That was painful – we had been battering the Wellies until that point, desperate to find a winner. We possibly got a bit cocky, allowing them to catch us with a sucker punch. The only good thing to come from it was a good excuse to mercilessly mock Finneygaarden.

Up until that point, it had been a very close game, which I thought we had deserved to win. We started off by letting them have a couple of efforts on goal, as is our usual way, before gradually imposing our game. Dan hit the post in the first half, celebrating his ‘goal’ before the ball hit the post and bounced back across an empty net. If he hadn’t started to celebrate…

0 – 0 at half-time. We started the second half strongly, hitting the post a couple more times before a delicious through ball poke from Ty released Dan into acres of space with just the keeper to beat. And he beat the keeper. 0 – 1. The came a moment of controversy. The Wellies were awarded a free kick 30 yards out – Mike was arranging the wall, which was stood about 2 yards from the ball. The (12 year old) ref gave a large blast on his whistle – we all assumed to force the wall to move back – so we shuffled back towards goal like a group of pissed old ladies. However, the Welly fellow decided that the whistle meant he could take the free kick. So he did – he passed it to an adjacent Welly, who smacked a flukey dipping shot right over Mike’s head and into the goal. Finneygaarden was outraged and proceeded to harangue ref Jnr for a good 5 minutes – I’d swear I heard someone on the sideline phoning the NSPCC.

The goal stood – we battered them for ages – Gerro headed against the post again late in the game, before the hammer-blow of the late goal… Gutted!

*New!* The Chris G headers-from-corners Index!

Chris G(iant bloke) went up for all 74 corners in this game and got his head to…. 0. So the CGI stands at 74:0.

Man of the Match of the Week for the Reserves…


Hounds 3 – 2 Wick Reserves

Hopefully a more detailed report will appear for this game – but it had everything! 5 yellow cards (2 for Howey), 3 penalties (2 of them saved by Graeme), goals (2 for Ali W), mistaken identity (1 for Howey…) and having a poo at half-time (1 for the referee). You couldn’t make it up…!

Hounds Quote of the Week…

Recorded for posterity:

“… … … … …” McMahon, SPEECHLESS at the ref, 2010

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