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We fought the Lawes and Lawes won (again) | Reserves edge close game against Portland by Dunc, 6th Feb 2010

I’ve used those Clash lyrics before – but again we don’t seem to be able to beat those Lawes fellows, with 2 draws and 2 one goal defeats in the last 2 seasons… Meanwhile, the Reserves were left to rely on Dunc scoring a (timely) first goal for the Hounds.

Hounds 0 – 1 Lawes Juniors

Lawes scored midway through the first half and while the Hounds had chances to score, no goals were forthcoming. Therefore, we lost. Um, that’s it. Except for the fun of the MOTM voting – it ended in a four way tie! Exciting! Except it might only have been a three way tie, as the four ended up being Steve P, Graeme and n_MAN. If you think YOU were the mysterious fourth MOTM, e-mail the Hounds at

Portland Old Boys Reserves 1 – 8 Hounds Reserves

There was absolutely no doubt whatsoever – Portland Old Boys were still very much in this game, even at 1 – 4 down. Thankfully, goal-machine Dunc stepped up and shattered the Old Boys’ resolve with a devastating fifth goal. I’ve often heard it said that the fifth goal of an eight goal rout is the one that effectively seals the game. All the others are just showing off.

I shall try to resist the urge to skip through the unimportant stuff that preceeded that all important fifth goal… So here we go – Pitch 22. The one with the slope. I think Ridlengaarden won the toss and elected to play up the slope in the first half, also into a slight breeze. It was tough. Portland came flying out the blocks and we didn’t – that resulted in them scoring first. A free kick was floated perfectly into the box, beating all the Hounds defenders and Mike in goal, before being nudged into the net by an Old Boy. Oops. Thankfully, we were soon back in the game, enjoying a spot of possession up on the high veldt – Dan K shot from wide left, the keeper parried and Hallo scuttled after the ball. He too shot from a narrow angle and again the keeper parried – but only onto the toe of Dan, loitering 3 inches out. 1 – 1. The score remained this way until half-time, where we enjoyed a healthy team talk – we were beginning to dominate the game and could look forward to playing down the slope with the wind behind us…

Standing on the high veldt looking down the slope filled my heart with joy. The first half had been knackering – now the Old Boys had to run up the slope to attack us. Surely the slope, their age and the fact they were all lighthouse keepers from Portland Bill would work against them? Yes, it would. All this stuff then happened: Sukhi bundled the ball in from approximately 2 inches after a bit of goalmouth ping-pong. 1 – 2. We then had a free kick in almost the same spot that Portland had their free kick – Dan floated in a beauty that everyone (including the keeper) missed. 1 – 3. The Portland keeper then messed up a punt from hand that rocketed straight onto the boot of Sukhi who was on the halfway line. Before the keeper knew it, the ball was back over his head and nestling in the net. Genius goal. 1 – 4.

As you can see from the report so far, all of our goals were laden with the juices of Lady Luck. The Old Boys were cursing their misfortune – what was really needed was a goal seeping with craft and skill, in order to finally shatter their self belief. Thankfully, a video of my Dunc’s goal (and only that goal) was sent to Alan Hansen, who remarked:

Right from the word go, Revell has shown tremendous touch and technique getting the ball to the feet of Sparky, who then gets it to Westy out on the right. As you can see, the right-back shows his pace, power and determination to support the play. And then Westy cuts the ball back – here – and that’s fantastic, an incredible hit, as Revell volleys it in the back of the net. No keeper was going to stop that with that power and pace. And I can’t fault the defence at all there. It reminds me a lot of Rooney’s goal against Newcastle, 2004/5 (run VT)

Except I think the boy Revell is further out and wider and was playing on a worse pitch and….. his celebration was better. Over to you Lawro.

The celebration was entirely justified, seeing as it was my his first goal in 3 seasons… 1 – 5. Ridlengaarden then chucked in an evil corner, right onto the bonce of James S who calmly put the ball in the net. And calmly ran back to our half. After scoring his first goal for the club… Anyway, 1 – 6. Si G bundled in another, an inch from the line after another game of goalmouth ping-pong, 1- 7. The last goal was possibly the best – with the Old Boys now even older, swift passing from the Hounds tore them open – Dunc passed to Marek who flicked it straight to Dan, who found Sukhi on the right, who drilled it low across the goal for Ridlengaarden to score the eighth. And that was that. Except somewhere in that glut of goals, Sparky managed to miss an open goal – and I mean an O-P-E-N goal – with his right foot. Shame. Hallo tried his best to get a yellow card for hacking an Old Boy horribly late, but got away with it, whilst Ty literally chased his own “tap down the line” the whole length of the field with no-one else bothering, because we all knew it was going out… Hallo got MOTM and we all went to the pub.

I’ve no idea who writes all this nonsense.

Matt L’s Quote of the Week…

“Right boys, let’s do our arses!” Alvan, 2010

Alan Hansen’s Quote of the Week…

“You’ll never win anything with kids. What you really need is an older fellow to hit the fifth goal of eight in order to guarantee any victory. All the other goals are just showing off.”

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