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Ridlengaarden beats Severnside | JJ beats Jamaica Bell | Hounds Quiz Night! by Dunc, 30th Jan 2010

The Hounds are through to their second semi-final of the season!

Severnside 0 – 1 Ridlengaarden Hounds Reserves

0 – 0, half-time.

And then Ridlengaarden scored in the 87th minute. With his right foot. Si G plundered MOTM in his first appearance of the season!

JJ Hounds 2 – 1 Jamaica Bell

JJ scored 2 goals in the first half – both with his left foot – and he completed the clean sweep by taking the MOTM award with his head. Much like Fordy, who decided to attack a Jamaica Bell boot with his chin. Jamaica Bell stole a goal in the second half as the Hounds relaxed a bit too much. The semi-final draw will give us Sneyd, Lawes or Torpedo. Harsh.

Hounds Quiz Night

Save the date for the most competitive night on the Hounds calendar. Team Dan K, Nico, Gaz, Bucky and Matt B are the reigning champions and need to have their sorry asses handed back to them…

Which was guaranteed, seeing as none of them turned up. Team Fordy, Andy, Nick and Parro are the new reigning Quiz Champions!

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