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Reserves lose out in top-of-the-table clash | Firsts score goals and keep a clean sheet - again! by Dunc, 21st Nov 2009

A very wet, very windy, very muddy day for football… Am I alone in actually quite enjoying nasty days like that?!

Hounds Reserves 1 – 4 Evergreen

I caught a glimpse of Evergreen playing a GFA Cup tie – and they looked good. The league table confirms this – they haven’t been beaten all season, they’ve scored loads and conceded few – a tough game ahead then!

With the wind blowing from all directions and the rain, um, raining (?), the weather was going to be a good leveller. And so it proved. Evergreen took a slender 1 goal lead into half time. The main talking point of the half was an over enthusiastic Ridlengaarden – he swore blind that a throw from the Green keeper was never ever going to make it to their right winger – so off he galloped to intercept.

** A slight digression at this point: those old enough to remember Daley Thompson’s Decathlon on the ZX Spectrum may recall the method for the long jump – hammer the ‘Z’ and ‘X’ keys to build up speed and then press the spacebar or something to launch Daley into the air. However, there was always a slight delay between pressing the space bar or whatever and Daley doing the jump on screen. **

Daley Thompson

Ridlengaarden in ‘action’

In my mind, this is how I imagine Ridley approaching the tackle – sprinting like mad, starting the slide… …slight delay… …before realising that the winger was going to get the ball after all. Cue shockingly bad tackle, foot up, ball nowhere to be seen, winger nobbled. Yellow card! At one point the referee threatened to make it a red after Ridlengaarden couldn’t remember who he was “it might be Ridlengaarden ref, but it could be Lindengaarden. And possibly Peter. Or maybe Baron von…” The ref was not amused. I thought this was the first Hounds yellow card for the season, but it turns out Fordy picked one up a few weeks ago! Kept that quiet…

Into the second half and 2 moments to note: 1) Dan K scored to bring the game back to 1 – 1. Apparently from “an amazing cross by me [Ridlengaarden] that left him a tap-in from 2 inches.” And b) Sturge took himself off due to an injury or something, and passed the captain’s armband to Nedved. Who immediately started playing like Sturge by scoring an own-goal. And then we conceded 2 more goals. And that was that. Apart from Chris G taking MOTM.

Hounds 4 – 0 Cabot Asset Finance

Funnily enough, the weather was just as bad for the firsts. However, having played well against Cadbury Heath a couple of weeks ago, we were looking to take that form into league games.

We started brightly. So brightly in fact, we scored an early goal – Si C, um, scoring. Playing against the wind, we certainly had some very good chances – Matt L having a great chance, but with his right foot he shot straight at the keeper. Andy constantly found space on the left, in turn feeding the ball to Chris H who enjoyed a good day on the left wing. The defence was stopping anything that came their way – except for the good old wind-assisted punt from the Cabot keeper that beat Graeme with the bounce – but slammed straight into the crossbar! Fortunately, the advancing Cabot striker missed the returning ball, much to our relief. 1 – 0, half-time.

The second half continued as it did in the first – we saw plenty of possession and remained untroubled at the back. Graeme came off the pitch as the coldest man in Bristol – he only touched the ball twice in the second half! Our cause was soon helped by Cabot being reduced to 10 men. Having already used their only sub, another player limped off. Obviously, this was only ever going to work to our advantage and our midfield had as much space as they wanted. Si C crossed for Steve P to head a goal, Si’s corner was helped in by the Cabot keeper before Si (again) finished from an impossibly tight angle on the left. At one point Cheqs had too much space to wind up for a long range howitzer. He hit the ball perfectly, but forgot to adjust for the strong following ‘breeze’ – the ball was screaming through the air but not dipping – so it cleared the crossbar. And then started dipping. Straight on to the back of some random bloke’s head. Poor fellow was watching the game on the next pitch over. Class. Funnily enough, Si scooped MOTM.

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