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Reserves finally play a game - and win | Hounds reach Norman Hardy Cup quarter finals by Dunc, 12th Dec 2009

A good weekend for the Hounds – the firsts confirm their second quarter final spot and the Reserves move closer to the magic 24 points, meaning we’re “out of the relegation zone!”

Beachcroft LLP 0 – 2 Hounds Reserves

We faced Beachcroft for the second time this season – their season has been shocking, having scored the most goals in Division 3, their goals against column makes for scary reading, leaving them firmly planted at the bottom of the table. It turns out that we’re the first team this season to stop them scoring a goal. Hurray for us!

I actually have an excuse for not remembering too much of this game, due to whacking the back of my noggin on the ground. The rest of the evening passed me by in a literal blur. Reports of me lying on the ground in some kind of “Jesus Christ Pose” (ooh! Tune!) are greatly exaggerated…

It would be fair to say that we started this game like a team that hadn’t played together for 4 weeks. It would be even fairer to say that we hadn’t played together for 2 weeks, seeing as that’s the truth, but 4 weeks sounds more dramatic and the one game we did play was during the weather from heck anyway, so doesn’t count. Hang fire! We need a new title…

The one where Hallo couldn’t score a goal – even in front of an empty net

A performance reminiscent of Si’s struggles last week, saw Hallo do all the hard work, except for sticking the ball into the net. Although in fairness, Hallo didn’t miss a penalty. And when he rounded the keeper, he was left with a very tight angle to the open goal. But in a similar vein, he possibly hit the post twice and the keeper made a couple of very sharp saves.

So, it was left to Dan K to open the scoring for us, employing a training ground move known as “the air shot”. It worked perfectly – he received the ball on the edge of the box, swung an ugly looking shot at the ball, missing it completely. This completely foxed the Beachcroft defence, leaving Dan (who now had his back to goal) enough time to turn and shoot past the stationary keeper. Text book. 0 – 1.

The second half gave us some relief – we had been facing the low sun for all of the first half, meaning headers had become a lottery. Forgetting this, I let a punt from the keeper bounce, giving the Beachcroft striker enough time to run over and clatter me as I went for the second header. Things become very hazy from this point on – I did recover enough to do some shouting from the touch line, but still managed to miss Sparky scoring from a Mike assist (massive punt up field, blinding the Beachcroft defence). 0 – 2.

James S hoovered up enough votes to win MOTM and a special mention to the Beachcroft chappy who did a great job of reffing the game. Fair play.

Poof of the Week…

Dan K, running away from the ball to try and find his gloves because his hands were getting cold…

Hallo’s Quote of the Week…

“You two – find that other glove RIGHT NOW!!” Dan K, 2009

Sneyd Park Reserves 3 – 4 Hounds

A topsy-turvy game by all accounts – it goes something like this: 1 – 0 down at half-time, 1 – 1, then 1 – 2 up until there was approximately 10 seconds remaining. At this point n_MAN decided to NOT put the ball out of play, but to attempt a backpass to Graeme. Guess what. The ball went straight to a Sneyd chappy, who finished well. 2 – 2. That’ll be extra time then. More see-sawing: 3 – 2, 3 – 3 before finally 3 – 4.

Ali managed a hat-trick, JJ got the other and I can only guess that Ali got MOTM

Quarter finals up next!

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