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Reserves decide to "concentrate on the league" | Norman Hardy Cup round 1: done! by Dunc, 10th Oct 2009

Cup games for both teams – Downs League Cups this time. The Reserves have no choice but to focus on league matters from now on, while the firsts are bubbling along nicely, thank you very much…

Hounds Reserves 3 – 5 Tebby AFC Reserves (aet)

I had to wait a couple of days to write this. Not because of an apoplectic rage, just the frustration at not really knowing what to say. In the manner of all good Premiership managers, there was a lot of positives to take from this defeat…

However. Their striker scored 4 of their goals. Four. Bloody four. Unfortunately, I can’t moan too much, seeing as I handed him his second goal on a plate. Shitbags. We seemed to start the game well enough – we had Matt B in midfield, returning to action after some injury stuff. In fact, we scored the first goal – another beauty from the on fire Jeeves, meeting an Adam C cross at the far post and finishing on the volley with his left foot. In an instant, events took a turn for the worse when we allowed Tebby to score an equaliser some 3 milliseconds after the restart. A full volley from outside the box. Could’ve gone anywhere. But it flew into the pigging goal. Then they scored again – the first of matey-boy’s handful of goals. However, we fought back and scored another beauty of a goal – MOTM Hallo working his magic up front before laying the ball off to Adam C – his shot deflecting off the underside of the crossbar and in. 2 – 2 at half-time.

Into the second half, we scored our third – Dan K’s shooting boots still working with a cool finish inside the penalty box. Then came a slight error on my behalf… I won’t go into too much detail, but what should have been a clearance ended up at the feet of the grateful Tebby striker. That’s the last time I attempt a fancy hook-shot-over-the-head-type-clearance again – row Z of the stands next time! We just missed scoring a fourth as the ball was cleared off the line – but in contrast, that man Jeeves cleared off the line at our end too. 3 – 3 full-time.

An extra half an hour. Man alive, that hurt. They scored 2 goals. We didn’t.

Bizarrely, it would be tough to say that anyone played badly – we scored some good goals – but there seemed to be a collective inability to prevent Tebby from scoring goals. Good for the neutral observers…!

Hounds 5 – 2 Saints Old Boys

Matt M has threatened to write up some notes for this match – which would be handy seeing as I have no idea what happened. Si C got a couple of goals, Fordy dribbled one over the line (the football…), Steve H and Sparky bagged one each too? Possibly. No idea who MOTM was – it was Graeme!. Luke E sustained the injury-of-the-match – completely shattering his wrist merely minutes after coming on! I warned about the “first few minutes of play” injury jinx last week!! Apparently, a BRI surgeon is sharpening his shears as we speak….

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