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Reserves battle to narrow victory | Firsts fail to score - again! by Dunc, 24th Oct 2009

Contrasting fortunes for the Hounds teams so far, as highlighted this weekend.

Hounds Reserves 1 – 0 Clifton St Vincents A

Without wishing to get ahead of myself, the Reserves are showing well so far this season. We haven’t yet got enough points to be clear of a relegation battle (as Sturge reminds us), so that is our first target. Wins like this go a long way to helping that – a tough game against a consistently good side – and we play them again next week! Cheqs grabbed MOTM on his return from injury, while Dan K ditched his shooting boots and used his head to score – from a fine Sukhi corner delivery.

Whilst I performed ‘OK’ (defender, clean sheet, what more does ‘ee want?!?), I did enjoy a couple of entertaining gaffes. Number 1 – with the game seconds old, a blocked CSV shot spun/looped towards me in the penalty area. As I prepared to leather the thing out of sight, the ball seemed to magically alter its path in the air – I completely missed it, it bounced and caught me squarely on the hand. Arse. Thankfully, the ref – a fine, upstanding gentleman who enjoyed an impeccable game(…!) – decided that I wasn’t at fault. Mostly because I had kept my arms by my side, like any good pro. Ball-to-hand, obviously. Number b – end of the game, with Henry playing keep ball by the CSV corner flags, the clock was running down to full-time. Somehow, the ball gently found it’s way to me, in space. I loitered. I dawdled. I prepared to unleash a trademark (agri)cultured left boot through the ball. For no apparent reason, I fell over. A CSV fellow gratefully took control of the ball and set off towards goal… Oops!

Hounds 0 – 3 Ashley

Just for a change, we finished with 10 men. Andy’s turn this week – comes on as sub, gets injured, goes off… I sense a pattern forming – the injury list is certainly growing! Steve P added to his collection of MOTM awards.

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