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Reserves are pretty in pink as season kicks off in style for the Hounds... by Dunc, 29th Aug 2009

…if we forget about the last 10 minutes of the firsts’ game (which I think we’re allowed to do), both teams were looking good in their opening games of the season. It would be impossible to forget the Reserves in a shocking pink kit though (except I did forget it happened) – the ref deemed our red kit to be too similar to Sneyd’s, so we had to swap with the nearest team. Well, in fairness, Sturge led us to the ‘nearest’ team – whoever it is that plays in pink… Didn’t make too much difference to me, being as colour blind as a, um, bat…?

Lawes Juniors 3 – 3 Hounds

The score was 1- 3 with 10 minutes to play and the equaliser came with virtually the last kick of the game…

Mustn’t grumble though – cracking goals from Steve P (MOTM), Si C and Adam against last season’s meanest defence was a good way to start! Concerted pressure at the end of the game from Lawes brought them the goals they needed to equalise – but the Hounds were effectively 2 players short. Matt G and Alvan both came on as second-half substitutes – and both managed to injure themselves within seconds of running onto the pitch. We therefore finished the game with both of them up front, but hobbling so badly that they were constantly offside as the Lawes defence walked past them. At least the first point is on the board though!

Sneyd Park A 1 – 4 Hounds Reserves

A rampant first-half display gave the Reserve team the perfect winning start to the season.

Well, when I say ‘rampant’, I might possibly mean ‘wind assisted’ – but there was a bit of rampant-ism thrown into the mix too. Sturge’s rousing pre-match speech left us with the word ‘relegation’ ringing in our ears – trying to forget about last year’s ‘relegation battle’ by mentioning ‘relegation’ 57 times… However, Sturge started in determined mood and was soon off gallivanting down the pitch and believe it or not, scoring the first goal. A great finish past the on-rushing keeper after a one-two with somebody up that end of the pitch. Dan K was wearing his working pair of shooting boots and was soon on the scorecard, as was Sparky, with a head/shoulder combo from a corner. Remarkable. 0 – 3 to the good. We managed to concede just before half-time, Henry allegedly giving away a penalty. I seem to remember Sturge doing something bad a few minutes before, so the penalty was probably all his fault anyway, meaning the Sturge Goal Index™ * currently stands at 0. Jimmy dived the right way in goal and was tantalisingly close to getting a glove behind the ball… 1 – 3, half-time.

Obviously, the second-half started with the wind in our faces – we expected one hell of a battering from the Sneyd boys. We ended up only getting one-half of one hell of a battering, leaving Matt L the opportunity to score the 4th. His goal celebration will surely be remembered as stuff of legend – he walked back to our half. And that was it. Débutante Steve H** took the MOTM award.

* The Sturge Goal Index™ is the number of goals Sturge scores MINUS the number of own-goals and penalties he concedes.

** Just to help with any confusion, this is the new Steve H – the other Steve H from last season has buggered off to Winchester*** or somewhere to do something called work. Crazy.

*** For some reason, the first place that popped into my head. Therefore, I am probably wrong with that ‘fact’.

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