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Hounds send Saints marching | Reserves battle to secure second victory by Dunc, 5th Sep 2009

The Hounds’ solid start to the season continues with two good victories. OK, we’re only 2 games into the season, but points are on the board!

Hounds Reserves 2 – 1 Severnside

Throughout the history of popular culture, there has been a long line of famous couples; Barbie & Ken, Mulder & Scully, Bonnie & Clyde, Fred & Rose West, Bert & Ernie. Somewhere into that list, we can now add Jimmy & Rhi – probably slotting into the evil end of the list, between the Wests and Bert & Ernie.

However, some football stuff happened first. Having played Severnside in the All Saints Cup last season, we battled a workman-like and “robust” team to steal a 1 goal victory. The game started with Severnside sporting rather pikey fetching hi-vis vests – due to their inability to borrow a non-red kit from the teams surrounding us. We managed it last week. And wore a pink kit… We started with the wind behind, but failed to make too much of an impression on the Severnside goal, despite having the lion’s share of possession. It was left to Ridlengaarden’s luck genie to provide us with a goal – an in-swinging corner that missed everything except the back of the net. We experienced a couple of wobbles in our own penalty box, relying on professional goal-mouth lurker Jeeves to rescue us. 1 – 0, half-time.

The half-time break gave us all time to catch breath (except Sturge, who was saving himself in order to go for a jog on Sunday morning) and to make sure we all had the correct number of limbs attached (yup, the Severnside approach is still “robust”). After kicking off the second half, the late challenges continued, with the referee continuing to do nothing about it. One such challenge clattered Ridlengaarden and a frustrated Jimmy gave the Severnside “player” a friendly shove. Given the reaction of two of the Severnside “players”, you’d have thought that Jimmy had ripped the guys spine out and spine-whipped his pet gerbil to death. With a blood-curdling cry of “don’t you touch my boyfriend or I’ll punch you square in the mouth”*, Rhi entered the arena. Singing birds fell silent. Roads emptied. Even the wind dropped to a gentle breeze, tumble-weeds bouncing across pitch 21. From nowhere, a Mexican pan-pipe ensemble appeared, for dramatic effect. A stand-off. Bizarrely, one of the Severnside fellows volunteered to spark out Rhi, which of course didn’t help Jimmy’s mood. Thankfully, the red mist had cooled to pink of embarrassment – having your bird sound tougher than you in a ruck does that… Me and Dan K stood around and had a chat, but made sure we looked tough. Soon, with the ball back in play and the wind at their backs, Severnside adopted a 0-5-5 formation (or so it seemed) – but we managed to sneak a second goal with Adam C (not Cheqs) finding Matt L in space. The Shearer-esque finish was followed by an almost Shearer-esque celebration – a brief raise of the hand before heading straight back to our half. The more he scores, the more celebrations we might see…

Severnside stole a goal before full-time, their striker just beating Mike to the ball and poking it into the net. Newbie Craig Nedved received a handsome amount of MOTM votes, but was beaten by Dan K, giving a fine defensive midfield display. Once he’d worked out where he was meant to be running around.

* Parts of this may not be entirely true.

Hounds 4 – 2 Saints Old Boys

A few photos here, not including this beauty of the Saints’ keeper…

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