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Hounds reach semi-finals of the GFA Cup | Reserves NOT RELEGATED by Dunc, 23rd Jan 2010

I haven’t got a clue what I’m doing – it’s been so long since we played a game! However, should any of us get picked to play in the World Cup, the winter break should mean we wouldn’t be suffering from burn out. Although 4 weeks worth of mid-week games in April should be enough to kill us…

Hounds 2 – 1 Old Sodbury

We played this lot last year. In the GFA Cup. And they scored first. But we ended up beating them. This year…

They scored first. Graeme kept us in the game with a MOTM performance between the sticks. Half-time happened, Ali scored, Si scored and we won. Fordy picked up his millionth (second) yellow card of the season – for kicking the ball away. The good reputation of the Hounds must not be tarnished by this run of ill discipline – I vote Fordy should buy a round of drinks for each yellow card he gets this season. At the end-of-season do or something. All in favour, say “I”!

Si apparently produced a “Trevor Sinclair”-esque scissor kick – which sadly hit the crossbar. Had it gone in, he’d be buying the drinks too! It looked something like this:

As far as I can work out, the semi-final will be played on 27th February, on the Downs, against St. Aldhelms Reserves…

Durdham Down AS 1 – 3 Hounds Reserves

We played this lot last year… etc etc! Looking back at the All Saints Cup match report, I started watching the game at half-time with the score 0 – 0. This year…

We reached half-time with the score at 0 – 0. I don’t think anything of note happened in the first half – except Sturge deciding to play himself up front, whilst sporting a “Trevor Sorbie”-esque scissor trick – a haircut of shocking quality. It was a home-produced “cut” though. Not many chances fell for either team, so we all had a nice natter at half-time and went out for another go.

I suppose I should mention the fact that we were playing in pink – for the second time this season – those jolly fellows from NCSF United lending us their kit because DDAS were playing in red and we were the away team blah blah blah… Jeeves was keeping an eye on us from the sidelines – the Jeeves Governing Body (STEPH) has decreed that a playing ban is in force until he is married.

Onto the second half – our neat and tidy football from the first half reaped dividends. Ridlengaarden cut in from the left and played in Westy with a cheeky one-two. A calm finish to the right of the goalie gave Westy his first goal of the season – although he has been injured for most of it! Some substitutions occurred – Westy was now playing up front and before too long, he scored the second. The ball was crossed in low from the right and Westy cheekily played the ball past the keeper with a back-heel type thing. It was far too extravagant and deserves punishment. Or at least the penalty of having to BUY LOTS OF DRINKS. A pinball type mix-up in defence allowed DDAS to pinch a goal back, but they rarely threatened after that. Ridlengaarden soon found Westy again – this time he laid the ball off to an onrushing Luke R who smashed in his first goal for the Hounds.

A good win for the Reserves – but as Jeeves pointed out, it should have been at least 6. Westy (MOTM) missed a one-on-one with the keeper, he also hit the crossbar with another effort. And Hallo had his penalty saved by the DDAS goalie… However, that does mean we have now hit Sturge’s anti-relegation target of 24 points for the season – so can we now think about trying to win the league…..?!

>Hopefully not the Kiss of Death™<

Dunc’s Quote of the Week…

“I looked over and realised just how stupid we look in that kit…” NCSF United fellow, 2010

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