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Hounds reach GFA quarter finals | Reserves lose out - to the weather | Hounds Christmas Extravaganza! by Dunc, 5th Dec 2009

A bit late in updating the details of this weekend, so I’m stuggling to remember what happened… The Reserves’ game was called off, due to a singular waterlogged pitch – other games went ahead on the Downs – and I’ve remembered! The other game was…

The one where Si couldn’t score a goal – even in front of an empty net

Sea Mills Park 0 – 3 Hounds

Ah, the joys of another away game in the GFA Cup – all of 10 minutes drive from the Downs. Not that it matters how far away it is – it’s all about the pitch! There was a choice of two pitches this time – the massive pitch and the big pitch. And… we had the massive pitch! And it was flat! And massive! And a bit wet. As were the changing rooms/storage container – the leaky roof provided a more powerful shower than the showers themselves. When I say “showers”, I really mean “the 3 small enclosures that would have provided the Krypton Factor with a devilish test of skill and ingenuity just to produce some warm water.” No-one managed to complete that task…

Onto the game and the Hounds kept up their new found tradition of starting GFA Cup games well, by scoring in the second minute. I think there may have been a corner (there were loads of our players in their area, so I’m guessing it was a corner) – the ball was half cleared only as far as Luke B who calmly placed a waist high right foot volley into the top corner of the goal. Excellent start.

However, the next 60 minutes or so turned into Si’s worst nightmare – no matter how many times he twisted and turned into goal scoring opportunities, he couldn’t put the ball in the net. I think he hit the crossbar, the post (after getting past the keeper and being faced with an empty net), the keeper and, when presented with a penalty, decided to blast the ball over the bar… Interesting penalty though – by this stage the referee was showing signs of madness – Steve blasted the ball towards goal, a Miller defender blocked the ball (with his chest. And arm), so the referee gave the penalty. But didn’t book the offending player – he booked someother random Miller instead. Very odd. Unfortunatley for the Millers, the referee now wanted to book anybody that spoke – including the Sea Mills manager – thankfully the Hounds were as quiet as mice. We lasted until the second half, when he decided to book Cheqs for an ever-so-slightly mistimed challenge (his first of the match in fairness).

The first change of the second half brought on Matt B, with Ali moving left to replace Luke B and Cheqs moving to the right to replace Ali. Almost immediately, the ball was played through for Cheqs who burst into the Sea Mills box and basically twatted the ball as hard as he could – the keeper got a hand to it, but it wasn’t enough to prevent the ball flying into the top left corner. 2 – 0 at last!

I think I may have come on at this point, to play in defence – no position as such, because the Millers were basically playing 4 up front at this point, so we all just picked a bloke and marked him wherever he went! Ticko came on shortly afterwards to play defensive midfield. “Midfield?” said everyone on the side of the pitch. “Midfield?” said everyone on the pitch. “Mribfalli ed nagrumby hahaha…” said the old groundsman-type geezer as he paused between sips of Natch.

It turns out that Xabi Ticko had the deciding hand in our third goal. After a mazy run down the left, he received the ball back in midfield and lauched an inch perfect 40-yard pass out to Cheqs on the right. As the ball landed on his toe, a shocked Cheqs could only rush into the penalty area before calmly placing the ball past the keeper. Matt B was disgusted at such a brazen piece of Ticko showboating. 3 – 0 and game over…

The next round sees us play Old Sodbury in a repeat of last season’s quarter final!

Hounds Christmas Extravaganza!

It’s Chriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiistmas! At The Greyhound. 5th December. Well, it was Christmas at the Greyhound. It’s all done and dusted now. Loads of people turned up, which was good, which meant that loads of beer was consumed, which is also good.

n_MAN and j_DAN organised some quiziness, which for the 48th year running, ended up in a draw between the firsts and the reserves. It’s almost as if Government mollycoddling has filtered down to the Hounds – ban everything competitive! Everyone must be a winner! Jacob’s cracker eating was replaced by Ferrero Rocher eating, in an attempt to beat the World Record of 8. Or is it 9. In a minute? Doesn’t matter, because nobody came close. Dan K confidently said he could do it, but then ruined it by cheating. Shame.

Next up came the newly named “Tiger’s Tipples”. I think Tiger came up with the name… There were hundreds of the things for various reasons, there were downing races in which some people won and some people lost.

The only disappointment of the night was NOT getting on the guest list for the Thekla and the tunes in the Thekla NOT being power ballads… Shame.

Great night, thanks to all that helped organise it and yes, Steve P is 35.

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