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Hounds knit one, pearl one | Reserves dampen fiery Rockets by Dunc, 13th Feb 2010

Or, the firsts win one, lose one in double-header madness. Dan K notches up his 99th and 100th goals for the Hounds in his 24th season – that’s 4 (and a bit) goals per season stat fans. And he’s only 37…

Bristol Barcelona 0 – 2 Hounds

Hounds 0 – 3 Bristol Barcelona

Double-header shenanigans. I (obviously) haven’t got a clue what happenend here, except that the referee played 4 halves of exactly 31.48 minutes. Cheqs scored a 25 yarder with a shot that he intended to be a shot, whilst Si C scored a 40 yarder with a ‘thing’ that he intended to be a cross. He was still berating himself for the quality of the ‘cross’ as the ball hit the back of the net. Andy did something right, as he was awarded Man of the Day

Hounds Reserves 4 – 1 Clifton Rockets Reserves

Some of that stuff up top may be ever-so-slightly made up. For starters, Dan has to be at least 39?!?

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