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Hounds Golf Day | Nico’s mashup send-off by Dunc, 18th Jul 2009

The annual golf day championship was again held at the hallowed grounds of Thornbury’s par-3 course, on the 18th July – the same day Tom Watson was wowing the British Open crowds at Turnberry.

The only crowd we attracted was the queue behind us on the first tee – after witnessing some of our tee-shots, they soon disappeared to the tenth tee in the hope of getting a round in before it went dark. Seeing as Eddie the Bandit didn’t turn up this year, the field was wide open for this year’s bandit crown.

Special mention must go to those players that turned up in clothes that were truly horrible – but didn’t look at all out of place on a golf course. Handicaps were viciously slashed this year – reigning champion n_MAN had his halved – meaning he came nowhere near winning. JJ again took home the strokeplay prize, Parro narrowly pipping Scott to the stableford win. Bandits the pair of them…

The evening, as well as giving us the opportunity to question to committee’s handicapping policy, saw us bid farewell to Nico. After a sterling season on the Downs, he is heading back to Germany to play some proper football. On some proper pitches.

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