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Hounds advance in GFA Cup | Goalie Mike saves the day for the Reserves by Dunc, 3rd Oct 2009

Having reached the final of last season’s GFA Cup, the firsts were keen to clear the first round hurdle of a ‘home’ tie. Meanwhile, back in the third division, Mike showed some sharp-shooting skills to rescue a draw for the Reserves…

Hounds 3 – 1 Cotswool

Part of the ‘joy’ of the GFA Cup is not having to play on the Downs – so having a home tie against another Downs team is hardly any fun at all. However, having reached the final last season, it was imperative we got off to a good start in this competition.

I think it was Steve H who opened the scoring for us and Alvan shinned in a couple to help us to victory. Skucey picked up the MOTM, whilst Fordy ended up playing almost the whole game in midfield after JJ managed to cut his face open after 10 minutes. If you’re playing for the first team, make sure you look after yourself at the start of the game – so far there’s been an injury during the first few minutes in almost every game! Steve H has also picked up this season’s Spaz Throw-in of the Season Award – after a couple of 30 yard monsters during his first few games, everyone expected wonderment as he scooped up the ball for a long throw during this game. After launching the ball 30 yards up and 2 yards forward, blaming the wet ball and strong winds won’t work! Curiously enough, he takes the award from last season’s winner – Steve H… (The other Steve H, who is now working somewhere exotic. Slough, possibly.)

Hounds Reserves 2 – 2 Stoke Bishop

Back to league action for the Reserves, against a team we’d never played against before – Stoke Bishop got themselves promoted from the fourth division after their first season on the Downs.

In complete contrast to last week, we started very brightly, playing against a strong wind. We managed to keep the floor on the ball, passed it well to feet and repeatedly made progress down both flanks. Before too long, Statman Dan had the ball at his feet, feigned to shoot at least 14 times, before calmly sticking the ball past the tallest keeper on the Downs. From that point on, things seemed to go ever-so-slightly wrong. We gave a Bishop player a yard or two of space and before we knew it, a wind assisted shot sailed past Mike into the corner of the goal. We continued to play good football, but couldn’t get the bloody ball in the net! Half-time: 1 – 1.

The second half started with the strong wind now at our backs – allegedly an advantage. Except we managed to concede again – some kind of scramble in the goalmouth saw a Bishop player get the last touch on the ball as it crept into the goal. This was getting ever-so-slightly wrongerer… So we had to push Henry into midfield – resulting in lots more attacks but not a sniff of a goal – corners, free kicks, long range pot shots – nothing was going in. Obviously, by now, Mike was bored. He hadn’t seen the ball for a while, so when he scooped it up after a failed Bishop attack, there was only one thing on his mind – I’ll show these idiots what to do with the ball… 3 seconds later, the Bishop keeper had his head in his hands* after seeing the ball bounce over him straight into the goal! The equaliser! Dr Steve came agonisingly close from a free kick, before we settled for the draw. Sukhi won MOTM (and the McMahon Sweepstake) on his debut – a dream start! Ridlengaarden and his broken arm showed up to run the line for us – what a generous fellow. And muppet.

* Probably because he had a headache. Statman Dan is claiming an ‘assist’ for this goal, after clattering the keeper a few minutes earlier. Nothing malicious – the keeper jumped almost 7 feet into the air but landed on his head after bouncing off Dan – who had probably only jumped 7 inches into the air.

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