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End of a decade - the 'record' is no more by Dunc, 4th Oct 2009

The Hounds’ statistician dusts off the record books and adds a ‘x’.

End of a century decade (or record)

Oh, it’s nothing special

Not my words, but those of Albarn, back in the day (1994 I think it was.) A few years after that, Dan K was taking his first penalty for the Hounds. As reported only a couple of weeks ago (here), Dan hasn’t missed a penalty since. Until now.

I have kept this separate from the match report, due to the importance of the news, but Saturday’s 2 – 2 draw with Stoke Bishop could well have been a victory. After Sukhi had shown nimble feet in the penalty area and was tripped, up stepped Dan to convert. OK, the keeper dived the right way, but Dan didn’t put the ball anywhere near where he wanted to put it and the keeper comfortably saved. Jeeves later admitted that his peculiar brand of voodoo magicness may have been to blame – he can accurately predict if penalties will be scored or not. He predicted not…

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