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Hounds Social Diary ™

16-May-09 Hounds end of season dinner *UPDATED* with videos!

Gloucestershire Cricket Club was again the venue for this year’s end of season bash. Food, beer and banter were in plentiful supply. As were the speeches. Jeeves and Fordy spoke for the Reserves and Firsts and Dan had a few words to say about the club as a whole.

Before too long, we moved onto the awards...

  • Firsts player of the year         Steve P
  • Reserves player of the year       Tyron
  • Top goal scorer                   Si C
  • The Alvan prize for punctuality   n_MAN
  • Most embarrassing moment          Tiger
  • Most injured                      Dunc
  • Reigning golf champions           n_MAN (nett) & JJ (scratch)
  • Reigning quiz champions           Team Dan K, Nico, Gaz, Bucky, Matt B
  • Reigning skittles champion        Matt M

We sadly then had to wave cheerio to Steve H & Nico and to thank them for all their hard work over the season, before congratulating Craig on his retirement after almost a million seasons.

As the beer flowed, the usual "end of season dance-off" began - n_MAN’s attempt to beat all-comers at a break-dancing, erm, dance-off. His usual opponent, Westy, was absent this year, so Pete Australia stepped up to the dance floor. As usual, n_MAN lost (scroll down to view the evidence...) Before the crowd could come to terms with this monumentous event, we launched straight into an American-stylee "Spelling Bee". The club’s two best spellerers (Sturge & Tiger) went head-to-head to find out who was the club’s, erm, best spoller. Sturge won that, the competition coming down to the final word - "enbarrassment". Harsh.

Click here to download a copy of the end-of-season yearbook thingy (weighs in at 5MB, so be prepeared for a small wait if your internet speed is as fast as Sturge.)

The Throwdown 2009: n_MAN -vs- Pete Australia

The Throwdown 2008: n_MAN -vs- Westy

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