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The Penny, Clifton

The Penny pub in Clifton is, um, a pub and it serves grog. It also lets us congregate there after a hard Saturday afternoon game of football, to partake in some alcoholic refreshment. Even more generously, the Penny has contributed towards the cost of our kit for the 2011/12 season and will therefore be the main shirt sponsor (when the new kit turns up). We won’t be changing our name to “Sporting Pennies”, but I do like the idea of the shirts featuring a greyhound riding a penny farthing, at speed, through a crowd of football players each wearing the kit of our opposition teams, whilst brandishing a cat o’ nine tails and a blunderbuss. Somebody arty get on the case…

The pub itself has a bar and some tables – along with chairs – plus a little outside bit to enjoy the sunshine. A large projection screen and a tellybox show Sky Sports type things whilst they feed us sausage and chips. Rather excitingly, a raffle also occurs after the game on a Saturday which lets you win beer, if you’re lucky. A range of lager, cider, wine and even that funny old ‘ale’ stuff is available, as well as crisps. See below for a map.

The Penny, 115 Whiteladies Road, BS8 2PB

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