ABOUT  :  The Bristol Downs League

The Bristol Downs League is an English football league based in the city of Bristol. Its top division is effectively at level 21 of the football pyramid, making its fourth division at level 24, the lowest in the whole country from which a team could in theory get promoted all the way to the FA Premier League. The Downs League is unusual in that all matches are played on one site, namely the large open space known as Bristol Downs.

The Downs League was formed in 1905 with 30 founder members, all of them teams who were already playing in the city and on the Downs’ many pitches. Two of the founder member clubs, St Andrews FC and Sneyd Park FC, remain in the league to this day. Clifton St Vincents FC joined the league in its second season and have also clocked up 100 years of membership.

Today the league boasts over 50 teams in four divisions. There are also two knockout cup competitions – the Norman Hardy Cup (for teams from Divisions One and Two) and the All Saints Cup (for teams from Divisions Three and Four).

Shamelessly stolen cited from Wikipedia.

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